Life Insurance

Life insurance policies can protect your beneficiaries with financial stability and security when it matters most! In the event of your passing, life insurance can provide financial assistance to your love ones.

Questions to ask yourself, when considering life insurance…

How much life insurance do I need?  There are all types of models and advice on how much life insurance one should purchase.  When you are ready to consider life insurance, we will walk you through the questions to help you to determine the amount of life insurance that is right for you.

How much will this cost me?  The good news is that life expectancy for the average person keeps rising and life insurance cost has come down quite a bit over the last 10 years.  The number of life insurance products and carriers are many and but also confusing.  With the many types to choose from, you will need the advice of a license life insurance producer to guide you.  We often find that many of our customers are surprised in how affordable life insurance has become when they find the right type of life insurance for them.

If I am healthy, why do I need to have life insurance?  You passed your annual physical with a breeze and you are thinking life insurance is not for me at this time!  However, when you are healthy and at your peak, this is the perfect time to purchase life insurance!  Don’t wait until you are sick or diagnosed with a disease and may not qualify for the best rates!

I don’t have any kids, why should I buy life insurance?  Kids are a big reason why some people purchase life insurance.  But if you have a wife or significant other and you want them to maintain the same lifestyle as you had before you pass, or if you have someone that means a lot to you, parents, siblings, live- in partner, a life insurance policy may go a long way in comforting them and helping them to achieve their goals even if you are not around.

When I can afford it, I can always purchase life insurance, right?  The older we are, the more health issues we encounter that can limit our ability to purchase life insurance or purchase the amount of life insurance we need.  Remember, the healthier you are and the younger you are the less expensive life insurance will cost!

A temporary form of life insurance or Term Life  is well suited for many people and can cost the less, however, provide for the most payout.  If you are more concerned about providing income to a widow or widower for life, funding retirement, or passing on wealth to future generations you will find Permanent life insurance may be better suited with those goals in mind.

With so many factors to be considered, please consult with Suburban Insurance Services, LLC today to help determine the best type of life insurance that is right for you.

Call Rod Henry at Suburban Insurance Services, LLC.  You will find his experience and understanding of your life needs will be complete and confidential!

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